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City Models of Berlin

"Urban Development - Plans, Models, Projects"

Virtual tour of the exhibition
The 360° panoramic tour consists of 8 panoramas. You can navigate with the navigation bar at the bottom or move directly within the image. In order to navigate within a panorama, click on the image and move the mouse in the direction desired. The arrows displayed in the image take you to the next panorama.
Virtual tour description (pdf; 216 KB)
Please note: The exhibition is closed until further notice

In the permanent exhibition "Berlin City Models" about urban development in Berlin, four models of the inner city are on display in the Atrium which present Berlin in various ways depending on their scale and means of representation.

Select a project and spotlight it!

The 1:500 Scale Berlin Model has a special feature. It is enhanced with an information kiosk and a light system. When an individual building is selected from the Berlin Building Atlas on the kiosk, information, maps and photos about that building are displayed while at the same time a beam of light points to the building in the Berlin Model.

In addition, a further information kiosk, temporary exhibitions, and a large selection of free brochures and leaflets round off the wide range of information offered in the Atrium about urban development in Berlin.

Admission is free. Groups are requested to notify us in advance.


Senatsverwaltung für Stadtent­wick­lung und Wohnen
Lichthof (Atrium)
Am Köllnischen Park 3
10179 Berlin
How to get there

Opening hours

Please note: The exhibition is closed
Monday-Saturday 10:00-18:00

Prior notification of group visits

Phone: +49 30 9025-1525