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Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030

City Forum

Photo: hugo333 /
Photo: hugo333 /

In the past, the City Forum has proved successful as a location for political and technical debates. After the reunification of Berlin, the City Forum was created as a public discussion platform for pressing questions concerning urban development. If, in the early years of growth euphoria that followed the fall of the Wall, the issues and discussions were rather firmly entrenched, recent years have been marked by an ongoing dispute over of the development opportunities for Berlin. Until the end of 2014, the City Forum focused on the Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030 under the title "City Forum 2030".

The City Forum 2030 informed and actively integrated partners from research, finance and civil society into the work process. At the same time, the City Form 2030 also acted as a location for political discourse on interdepartmental issues in Berlin´s urban development policy.

The City Forum 2030 was complemented by accompanying workshops, in which the issues of Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030 were discussed with invited specialists.
All meetings, issues and content, such as documentation, speeches and work results from the City Forums 2030 as well as from the accompanying workshops, can be found in German language.
The implementation of the Berlin Strategy is now continuously accompanied by the City Forum that can be found here on the German website.
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