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The park inn-Hotel forms the prominent feature of the northern part of Alexanderplatz. It was designed alongside with the new formation of Alexanderplatz in 1964 by the architects´ collective Roland Korn, Heinz Scharlipp and Hans-Erich Bogatzky and was erected at the same time as "Centrum Warenhaus" in the years 1967-1970. The hotel was opened in 1970 under the name Interhotel "Stadt Berlin" it had 2,000 beds, 15 gastronomic facilities, one day care facility for children and a multistorey parking garage for about 200 cars.
After the reunification the Deutsche Interhotel GmbH & Co. KG became the new owner and changed the name into "Forum-Hotel". In the middle of the nineties the pedestal floors of the building underwent a thorough modernisation with a new glass façade being installed.
Since 2003 the hotel has been run under the name "park inn" by the Skandinavian hotel chain SAS Radisson.

With its height of 128 metres and a capacity of 1,006 rooms it is still one of the highest and biggest hotels in Germany. The retail shops in the pedestal floors are of special attraction.

During its 35 year old history the hotel housed millions of guests and enjoyed a steady increase in popularity, fostered by its prominent position in the urban skyscape, its central location at Alexanderplatz in the middle of the town and the easy access to public transportation. There will be only 17 minutes to go by regional train to the future international airport Berlin-Brandenburg (BBI), and the newly built central station is only a few S-Bahn stations away from the hotel.

In the past years the building had been extensively modernised and now is classified as a Four Stars Superior Hotel: Air condition and fire sprinkler had been installed in every room as well as public spaces and restaurants had been modified. All rooms received flatscreen tv, wireless LAN, modem connection, satellite and pay-tv, radio and minibar. And the 11 conference rooms incl. the three panorama salons have been well equipped with modern high tech conference tools.

From the outside the hotel has got a fresh glance by the new mirror façade. Large investments have been made during the past five years – up to 38 mio Euro. With an average occupancy rate of 71% park inn-Hotel takes one of the leading positions among the hotels of Berlin and it will probably gain even more popularity once the remodelling of Alexanderplatz will have been accomplished.

View from the television tower on to the park inn-Hotel, Oct. 2005

The façade is being renewed, Oct. 2005

park inn-Hotel with new façade and hotel-sign, March 2007


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