standort    Location Area
wwg5    Waterworks (daily pumpage >
150000 cubic meters)
wwk5    Waterworks (daily pumpage <<br>150000 cubic meters)
wwab    Waterworks out of operation
zpw Intermediate pumping station
uepw    Booster pump station
gwa    Recharge of groundwater
mhl    Several main pipelines
(diameter > 750 mm)
hl    Main pipeline (diameter<<br> 750 mm)
vlmvp    Supply pipelines with
connection point

Water protection areas

fbbgl    Water catchment area/
wellfield (zone I)
esz    Narrow protection zone (II)
wsz    Wide protecion zone (III)
vorb    Area reserved for water
babul    Highways in the
surrounding areas
bulul    Federal roads/roads in the
surounding areas
bahn    Railways
h2o    Waters
lgr    Land borders
bgr    District borders
statgr    Statistical border/office and
municipality border
bauull    Built up area in the
surrounding areas
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