standort    Area of the location
kw1000    Power station (Capacity > 100 MW el)
hkw100    combined heat and power station k (Capacity > 100 MW el)
hkw    combined heat and power station (Capacity < 100 MW el)
bhkw    block heat power station
husw    main distribution station 380/220/110 kV
husp    main distribution station planned
usw110    distribution station 110/10 kV
uswp    distribution station planned
usw30    distribution station 30/10/6 kV
k380    380-kV-cabel
k380p    380-kV-cabel under constuction/planned
f380    380-kV-overhead line
f220    220-kV-overhead line
f220p    220-kV-overhead line
under constuction/planned
k110    110-kV-cabel
k110p    110-kV-cabel
under constuction/planned
f110    110-kV-overhead line
f110p    110-kV overhead line under constuction/planned
lv    line connection
kf    Changeover from cable to overhead line
babul    Highways in the surrounding areas
bulul    Federal roads/roads in the surounding areas
bahn    Railways
h2o    Waters
lgr    Land borders
bgr    District borders
statgr    Statistical border/office and municipality border
bauull    Built up area in the surrounding areas
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