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Housing Construction

Housing Coordination Office

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As of May 2013, there has been a new central point of contact for the twelve districts of Berlin, for investors and for all other stakeholders in the Berlin housing market: the Senate Housing Coordination Office. The Office reports to the Senator of Building and Housing.

Point of contact / Clearinghouse
The Coordination Office holds information about all construction activities in Berlin. It promotes project developments, accelerates coordination between authorities and enables, advises and moderates potential new sites for housing construction. Moreover, it also acts as a clearinghouse; for difficult housing projects, it organises mediation talks to help resolve conflicts and overcome obstacles and barriers.

In this way, the Coordination Office is not just a point of contact for property developers, but rather, it also has an impact on administration at both the district and state levels. The Coordination Office accompanies the developments and continuing strategy for housing in Berlin.

Further tasks
In addition, the Coordination Office reviews current urban development-related contracts with our goal being the development of a model for future contracts of an urban development-related. Thus, our principle concern is the establishment of binding provisions on the participation by developers in follow-up living costs and the proportion of housing being made available at socially acceptable levels of rent.

"Housing Coordination Office" as connecting link
"Housing Coordination Office" as connecting link


Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
Housing Coordination Office
Württembergische Straße 6
10707 Berlin

Grit Schade
phone: 030 90139-4016
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