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Housing Construction - Housing Strategy

Student Housing

Foto links: © plainpicture/Fancy Images; rechts: Visualisierung Studentendorf Adlershof, <em>© Die Zusammenarbeiter
left photo: © plainpicture/Fancy Images; on the right: Visualisation of the students village Adlershof, © Die Zusammenarbeiter

Providing housing for students

Approximately 140,000 students live in Berlin, many of them reliant on cheap living space. Thus, they compete on the free housing market with other groups with comparable needs.

The Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing is working in cooperation with the Senate Department for Education, Science, and Research, the studentĀ“s organisation "Studentenwerk Berlin", the association "BBU Verband Berlin-Brandenburgischer Wohnungsunternehmen e.V." and other stakeholders on a whole series of measures to better the situation for the students.

Up to 5,000 additional dormitory rooms can be built in the next few years on land thatis provided by the State of Berlin to the student organisation "Studentenwerk Berlin". The first new student homes have already been approved: They will be built adjacent to the Adlershof campus of the Humboldt University. In order to support the accomodation situation for students, the state-owned housing companies work together with the "Studentenwerk Berlin" and other student representations.

In the winter term 2013/2014 the municipal housing companies provide 500 additional, already existing apartments for student housing. Here you find the respective offers:

Finding a suitable apartment

There is much to consider when looking for an apartment. Here we have put together a checklist of some important points:

Financial issues
  • Budget for rental and additional costs (e.g. gas and electricity)
  • Costs for relocation and furniture
  • Costs for the comprehensive household insurance and private liability insurance
  • Selection of an electricity provider and a gas provider (if necessary)

As a general rule for the calculation applies: The rent and utility costs as a whole should not exceed 30 percent of the disposable income.

Check: Am I entitled to ...
  • Can I get a Housing benefit?(Query in German)
  • Can I get a Wohnberechtigungsschein (WBS, i.e. a certificate of eligibility to public housing / accomodation)?(Query in German)

More information:

Certifications to be carried with you while visiting an apartment
  • Written parental guarantee that the parents will pay the rent in case of need. Inaddition, a credit bureau information is necessary attesting the credit-worthiness of the parents (i.e. Schufa-Auskunft)
  • Certification, that you are not in arrears with the rental payments for another apartment
  • Schufa-Bescheinigung (certification of the organisation Schufa attesting that you are credit-worthy)
  • proof of income (for example BaföG or a parental certification)
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