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06.05 Availability of Public, Near-residential Green Spaces 2016 (Edition 2017)

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Availability of Public, Near-residential Green Spaces (Edition 2017)

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. In addition to the degree of provision, the share of private green space in residential areas must be taken into account in an ascertainment of provision of those areas. Areas of different construction types with comparable open-space structures are grouped into three types with different shares of private and semi-public open spaces.
  2. All public green spaces which fulfill the following minimum standards are considered "usable major environmental pollution (noise, exhaust fumes). A total of 778 available public green without restrictions": Areasize > 0.5 ha, suitable area shape, unrestricted accessiblity, no spaces meet these minimum requirements and have been incorporated into the map.
  3. Fringes of the forests have been functionally incorporated into the calculation as near-residential open space.
  4. A radius of 500 m is taken as the basis for residential recreation. Residential areas whose access to a green facility is hampered by barriers (e.g., heavily traveled roadways), are considered unprovided, even if they are within the 500 m-radius.
  5. Provision is shown in reference to blocks or block segments. Only blocks with a significant residential share have been evaluated.
  6. The names of the degrees of the provision have been adapted to those in the Landscape Programme, component plan "Recreation and Use of Open Space".

Imprint of the Map


Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing

Senate Department for the Environment, Transportation and Climate Protection (SenUVK) III B 1 - Landscape Programme


  • Population Density, as of December 31, 2015 (Environmental Atlas Map 06.06, edition 2016)
  • Traffic Volumes, as of 2009 (Environmental Atlas Map 07.01, edition 2011)
  • Inventory of Green and Open Spaces, as of 2010 (Environmental Atlas Map 06.02, edition 2011)
  • Urban Structure, as of 2015 (Environmental Atlas Map 06.07, edition 2016)
  • Green Space Directory, as of December 31, 2016
  • LOR (living environment areas, borough regions and planning areas), as of April 2015
  • Compensatory areas cadastre from Compensatory Information System (KIS), as of 2016

Data processing and map production:
SenUVK III B 1 - Availability analysis
SenStadtWohn III D 1 - Environmental Atlas

End of work:
June 2017

Based on the map:
Block map 1 : 50,000 (ISU50 2015)

Coordinate system:
ETRS89 / UTM Zone 33N, EPSG:25833

Revised edition 2017

Map as PDF-Document

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