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Berlin Environmental Atlas

01.15 Engineer's Geological Map (Edition 2017)

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Map 01.15 as of 2013 (Edition 2014)

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. The comprehensive map is based on the Engineer’s Geological Map of Berlin, scale 1 : 5,000, and more edited areas.
  2. The overview map for the Engineer’s Geological Map shows the geology of the loose rock, usually to 10 m depth, in some cases deeper.
  3. Cap layers like topsoil or landfills of less than 5 m thickness are not shown on the map.
  4. Each plot was calculated on the basis of the result of the most recent drillings. That means that the same layer sequences at adjacent bore holes constitute a common geological unit, and are distinguished from other adjacent layer sequences by surface boundaries. Generally, the greater the density of the holes in an area, the higher the accuracy. At the surface, boundaries of areas may be affected by such geomorphological factors as dunes, plateau edges, bog depressions, etc.
  5. In the overview map of the Engineer’s Geological Map, the upper horizon is shown on the surface with stratigraphy, petrography and genesis. The thickness is shown by different colour intensities of the primary colour. The following depth gradations have been selected:
    < 2 m (light shade)
    2 - 5 m (medium shade)
    5 - 10 m  (dark shade)
  6. The following graphic gives an overview of the edited areas with the map sheet cutting of the "Karte von Berlin 1 : 5,000" (K 5). The areas with underlined numbers of the sheets are also published as engineergeological maps in the scale 1 : 5,000.

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    pdf document 452C pdf document 444A pdf document 444B pdf document 443B pdf document 442A pdf document 444C pdf document 444D pdf document 443C pdf document 443D pdf document 442C pdf document 433A pdf document 433B pdf document 432A pdf document 432B pdf document 433C pdf document 433D pdf document 432C pdf document 432D pdf document 431C pdf document 423A pdf document 423B pdf document 422A pdf document 422B pdf document 421A pdf document 421B pdf document 423C pdf document 423D pdf document 422C pdf document 422D pdf document 421C pdf document 421D pdf document 121C pdf document 413A pdf document 413B pdf document 412A pdf document 412B pdf document 411A pdf document 411B pdf document 413C pdf document 413D pdf document 412C pdf document 412D pdf document 411C pdf document 411D pdf document 402A pdf document 402B pdf document 401A pdf document 401B pdf document 101A pdf document 402C pdf document 402D pdf document 401C pdf document 304B pdf document 303A pdf document 303B pdf document 302B pdf document 301A pdf document 303D

Imprint of the Map

1 : 50,000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing

Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, II B 3
Geological Survey and Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing,
III D 1 Environmental Atlas

Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection,
II B 3 Geological Survey

Data Base:
Compiled from the Engineer's Geological Maps 1 : 5,000, which were drafted between 1993 and 2015, on the basis of the bore-hole-database of the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection. The state of available drilling points evaluated for each map corresponds to the state of development of the respective sheet.

Data processing:
C & E Consulting und Engeneering GmbH

Cartographic design:
J. Gerstenberg and Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and
Climate Protection, II B 3 Geological Survey

Data from:
For the state of processing of single sheets, cf. Data Base Compilation current as of August 2017

Based on the maps:
Block map 1:5,000 (ISU5, territorial reference Environmental Atlas 2015)

Coordinate system:
ETRS89 / UTM Zone 33N, EPSG: 25833

Revised edition 2017

Maps as PDF-Documents
To see the english legend, please switch the layers!

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