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Berlin Environmental Atlas

02.12 Groundwater Levels of the Main Aquifer and Panke Valley Aquifer (Edition 2017)

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The groundwater contours of the Main Aquifer as well as the Panke Valley Aquifer were calculated using an interpolation method (point-Kriging). In order to obtain information about the interrelation between the measuring points, concerning their spatial distribution and groundwater level, data were first analysed by variogram analysis.

The geo-statistical parameters ascertained by variogram analysis for the Main Groundwater Aquifer and the Panke Valley Aquifer are listed in Table 1.

Tab. 1: Interpolation inputs for the Kriging method
Geostatistical parameter Main aquifer Panke Valley aquifer
ETRS89 easting (min./max.) 360685,2/424199,1 388657,5/402242,1
ETRS89 northing (min./max.) 5796007,73/5845998,10 5823424,1/5837402,5
Spacing about 200 m about 200 m
Number of grid-lines x = 318 / y = 263 x = 69 / y = 471
Variogramm-model linear linear
Slope 0.00109 0.001615
Anisotropic ratio 2 2
Anisotropic angle 141.4° 128.6°
Kriging-Type Point Point
Drift-Typ none none
Interpolation-typ linear linear
Number of sectors 4
Max. number of data in all sectors 128
Max. number of data per sector 32
Min. number of data in the research area 2
Number of max. free sectors 3
Search elipse, radius R1=10000 / R2=5000
Search elipse, angle 141.4°
Tab. 1: Interpolation inputs for the Kriging method

The irregularly distributed groundwater and surface measurement data were transformed into an equidistant grid with a spacing of 400 m, with the aid of a program for the calculation and graphic representation of surfaces (Surfer 10.0, by Golden Software). This was accomplished by interpolation according to the Kriging method. The groundwater contours were represented on the basis of this grid, after smoothing.

An groundwater contour map with a grid width of 200 m, updated monthly, has been prepared for internal official use (Hannappel & et al. 2007).

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