Berlin Environmental Atlas

04.11 Climate Model Berlin - Planning Advices Urban Climate (Edition 2016)

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Map 04.11.3 Measures

In the third main level of PHK 2015, 413 individual combinations of 30 different measures and planning instructions have been assigned to around 45,000 partial block areas and road sections. With 312 different measures combinations, a major part of this falls on the settlement areas, which also becomes clear in the area background of the individual measures. Moreover, 88 different measures combinations are assigned to green/open spaces, 12 to the spatial unit of public roads, paths and places as well as 1 to water bodies.

The assignment of measures depends upon the area type, the individual evaluations in the main map as well as in the supplementary planning instructions and some additional technical and geo-information. Based on the scale for the entire city, not all area specifications could be included comprehensively in the analysis so that the results summarised in Table 2 are to be understood as suggestions, which need to be checked and substantiated again when viewing an actual area or a specific measure (= search areas). In this context, there should also be an in-depth discussion on the supporting instruments and tools for implementing the measures.

Detailed statements for the 30 individual measures can be taken from the accompanying document of PHK (SenStadtUm 2015). More information can also be taken from the Urban Development Plan of Berlin for Climate and its substantiation (under preparation) (SenStadtUm 2011), the Climate Booklet for Urban Development (MVI 2012) as well as the Manual of Urban climate (MUNLV 2010).

Tab. 2: Recommendations for measures specific to spatial units as the third main level of the planning advice map for the urban climate of Berlin 2015
  Short title Settle­ment
and open
Water bodies
Measure 01 Shading of roads and footpaths no yes yes no
Measure 02 Greening and shadowing of parking spaces yes yes yes no
Measure 03 Reduction of anthropogenic heat emissions yes yes yes no
Measure 04 Greening of rail tracks no yes no no
Measure 05 Demolition (de-densification) yes no no no
Measure 06 Unsealing yes yes no no
Measure 07 Creation of pocket parks yes yes yes no
Measure 08 Improvement of accessibility of public parks and green areas yes no no no
Measure 09 Greening of inner courtyard / backyard yes no no no
Measure 10 Shadowing of buildings yes no no no
Measure 11 Increase of albedo of surfaces yes yes no no
Measure 12 Water in the public space yes yes yes no
Measure 13 Energetic building development yes no no no
Measure 14 Roof greening yes no no no
Measure 15 Greening of façade yes no no no
Measure 16 Summer heat protection in buildings yes no no no
Measure 17 Adjustment of space usage concept yes no no no
Measure 18 Technical building cooling yes no no no
Measure 19 Pay attention to building position in new structures yes no yes no
Measure 20 Urban climate-related uncoupling of new construction and re-densification areas yes no yes no
Measure 21 Expansion of social infrastructure and networks yes no no no
Measure 22 Increase in the micro-climate diversity no no yes no
Measure 23 Protection of the areas relevant for cold air management yes yes yes no
Measure 24 Networking of the areas relevant for cold air management yes yes yes no
Measure 25 Avoidance of exchange barriers yes yes yes yes
Measure 26 Improvement of air quality in cold air pathways no yes no no
Measure 27 Protection of existing large-area parks / green areas no no yes no
Measure 28 Creation of new large-area parks / green areas no no yes no
Measure 29 Protection of forest areas no no yes no
Measure 30 Protection of open water areas no no yes yes
  total 22 12 14 2

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