Berlin Environmental Atlas

04.11 Climate Model Berlin - Planning Advices Urban Climate (Edition 2016)

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Statistical Base

The application of the climate model Berlin in its current version is based on the following components building upon one another:

  1. the evaluation of long-term operation of measurement stations in Berlin and Potsdam as the basis for calibrating the model results (04.13, long-term development of selected climatic parameters, SenStadtUm 2015a)
  2. extensive analysis steps for working out a well-founded data basis (topic area 04.10 - publication under preparation), as well as
  3. the preparation of three planning advice maps that supplement one another.

Following data bases were used mainly for conducting the process steps 2 and 3:

  • GEO-NET Umweltconsulting GmbH, Hanover: GIS supported modelling of parameters relevant for urban climate based on high-resolution building and vegetation data; EFRE project 027 Urban climate Berlin (SenStadtUm 2015b),
  • Data of the Urban and Environmental Information System (ISU) of SenStadtUm, III D 1, version 31.12.2010:
    • Block map 1: 5,000 (ISU5_UA),
    • Area usage data (SenStadtUm 2010),
    • Criteria for evaluating the soil functions, map of closeness to nature (SenStadtUm 2013a),
    • Uncorrected degrees of sealing (grid data) - intermediate result of the rule-based classification (SenStadtUm 2012),
    • Building and vegetation heights (SenStadtUm 2014),
  • Ground level (DGM5) (SenStadtUm 2010a),
  • Automated land register map Berlin (ALK), version 01.06.2014 (SenStadtUm 2015c),
  • Locations of the social infrastructure (Planning area related information system for monitoring and analysis (PRISMA) (SenStadtUm 2015e) as well as Regional Office for Health and Social Affairs (LAGeSo) (LAGeSo 2014),
  • Detailed map of the Berlin's network of roads, version 11/2014 (SenStadtUm 2014a),
  • State of Brandenburg:
    • ALKIS database Building and actual use, version 10/2013 (LGB 2013),
    • Ground levels (DGM25) (LGB 2013a).

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