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Berlin Environmental Atlas

01.15 Engineer's Geological Map (Edition 2017)

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Meltwater Sand of the Plateaus

These sediments include the meltwater sands (qw/S/gf) above, within (intralattice) and beneath the Weichselian Glaciation ground moraine.

The extensive meltwater sands ascertained above the ground moraine can contain a share of late Pleistocene to Holocene outwash mass. They show a wide range of granulation thickness, from silty fine sand to coarse sand, and also very variable thickness.

Locally, meltwater sands are also present under the Weichselian Glaciation ground moraine. These glacio-fluvial fine to coarse sands separate the upper ground moraine (qw//Mg) from the lower ground moraine (qs//Mg) in these areas.

Moreover, intralattice sands occur within the till, usually only locally, and generally with low thickness. Petrografically, it is not possible to distinguish between these sands and the glacio-fluvial meltwater sands, so that it is often difficult to delimit between the Weichselian and the Saalian Glaciation till.

The meltwater sands have high water conductivity and constitute a good aquifer, due to their friable character.

Tab. 5: Physical Soil Values of the Meltwater Sand of the Plateaus (qw/S/gf)
Particle size distribution: Fine sand: partially weakly silty, partially medium sandy, partially gravelly
Fine to medium sand: partially coarse sandy
Medium sand: partially coarse sandy, partially with stones
Coarse sand: medium-sandy, partially gravelly, partially with stones
Fig./group symbol as per DIN 18 196: SU - SW
Non-uniformity U: 1.7 - 11.0
Density of damp soil ρ: 1.5 - 1.95 g/
Dry density ρd: 1.4 - 1.9 g/
Water content w: 2 - 17 %
Deposit density: medium-dense

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