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Berlin Environmental Atlas

06.11 Green Roofs (Edition 2017)

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Map Description

In Berlin, 18,368 (3.0 %) out of a total of 604,865 buildings, including underground car parks without overlying buildings, have a greened roof area or greened partial roof areas of > 10 m². In total, 400 ha of the roof areas are greened (3.9 %) (Table 1). A look at the map reveals a concentration of greened roof areas in Berlin's inner city.

Table 1
Tab. 1: Greened roof areas in Berlin

[Table is also available as Excel-File (MS-Excel is required).]

The categorisation per building as "intensively" or "extensively greened" is carried out based on the predominant component. If a building exhibits a greened roof area of > 50 % “extensive”, the entire greened roof area enters into the calculations as “extensive”.

Analyses on three spatial levels will be shown in the following – building, block and block segment of the ISU and borough.


The buildings were classified into six categories of building use based on the ALKIS and NOT-ALK use. Table 2 and Figure 3 show the order of magnitude and percentages of the building uses covered with green roofs.

The greened roof areas [m²] are relatively evenly distributed across the different building uses "Residential" (including weekend cottages), "Non-residential buildings" (e.g. schools, town halls, retirement homes, administrative buildings), "Office buildings, commercial" and "Underground car parks without overlying buildings" with percentages between 20 and 25 % (Fig. 3).

In addition Table 2 indicates possible potentials for future green roofs. The building use "Office buildings, commercial", which presumably has a high proportion of flat roofs, only has greened roof areas on 2.7 % of the buildings to date. A high potential for green roofs can be assumed here. By contrast, this potential is much more intensely utilised at 80 % in the case of underground car parks, as expected, albeit with different proportions of greening on the individual roof areas of greened underground car parks.

Table 2
Tab. 2: Distribution of the greened roof areas by building use
(* Share of the greened roof area in the building floor area [%])

[Table is also available as Excel-File (MS-Excel is required).]

Figure 3
Fig. 3: Greened roof area [m²] - Proportion per building use class

[Statistical base of the Figure is also available as Excel-File (MS-Excel is required).]

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