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Urban Intervention Award Berlin

Archiv: Results of the UIAB 2010

News release, 2010-11-24 (in german)

Category Temporary
1. Preis

The search for Culinary Plurality
Location: Berlin-Neukölln – Germany
Function: public mobile kitchen
Architects: Daniel Unterberg und Isabell Weiland
Client: initiative of the architects
Year of completion: 2009

Category Built
1. Preis

Library and Reading Park
Location: Torre Pacheco (Murcia) – Spain
Function: urban interventions for the promotion, management, and planification of public space in Torre Pacheco with library, sports and recreational areas, school
Architects: Martin Lejarraga, Cartagena – Spain
Client: EXCMO, Commune Torre Pacheco
Year of completion: 2007


Urban Intervention Award Berlin 2010
Nominees and winners from the categories Built und Temporary

Die Stadtküche
The search for Culinary Plurality

Library and Reading Park
Library and Reading Park
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