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IBA-Werkstattgespräch Stadt.Quartier.Energie.

Event on 6 November 2012

Mastering the turnaround in energy policy is one of the central urban challenges in the current decade. In connection with climate protection and climate change adaptation, the set of rules for new construction has been stepped up considerably. As for existing building stock, heat insulation has become one of the preferred methods of converting cities to the energy turnaround. But this is being criticised increasingly on social, aesthetic and even ecological grounds.

District-based energy concepts that go beyond individual buildings are now being discussed as a saving solution before the onset of the "insulation madness". But here too, there are many open questions: how can these concepts be organised for micro ownership structures? How can the burden be distributed equally? What aesthetic demands should be placed on the conversion of existing stock?

The event on 6 November 2012 will discuss which areas require urgent innovation.

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Coordinating Bureau IBA Berlin 2020

Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
Studio for Building Culture and Communication
Highest Historic Property Preservation Authority
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Graphics: Thomas Rustemeyer