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Archive: IBA Berlin 2020

Courage to commit to mass production - serial housing construction as a concept for the future?

IBA-Werkstattgespräche (Diskussionsrunde)

Event on 22 January 2013

In Berlin too affordable living space is becoming scarcer, and a growing number of people can no longer afford cost-covering rent in new buildings. One goal of the International Building Exhibition Berlin 2020 is to test innovative strategies in housing. One option would be serial prefabrication. Can we reduce cost by finding the courage to commit to a mass product?

In this context, one must discuss the issue of standards, which may well call into question our habits: can we still afford our current living standards? How free would we be in terms of individual design if building standards and construction methods were to be changed drastically? What lessons can we draw from the Plattenbau prefab style? Can industrial prefabrication also meet the ever more complex demands placed on building services and efficiency of resources?

At the event, these questions will be discussed. It will also explore the options of establishing "serial prefabrication" as a competitive discipline within the context of the IBA Berlin 2020.

Event on 22 January 2013 at the Alte Zollgarage (former Tempelhof airport) 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Event management
Coordinating Bureau IBA Berlin 2020

Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
Studio for Building Culture and Communication
Highest Historic Property Preservation Authority
Am Köllnischen Park 3
10179 Berlin

Graphics: Thomas Rustemeyer
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