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Archive: IBA Berlin 2020

Own initiative instead of flat hunting - communal models in housing

IBA-Werkstattgespräche (Diskussionsrunde - Grafik Rustemeyer

Event on 5 March 2013

Berlin is growing! This also increases demand for additional and, above all, affordable living space. Increasingly, building cooperatives are being formed that work together to realise individually design properties and thus reduce cost. But housing cooperatives as a guarantee for sustainably affordable living space are also receiving more attention.

Is the "third way" between state-subsidised and profit-oriented housing the solution for the scarcity of affordable flats? How, and to whose benefit, does cooperative construction and financing contribute to cost reduction? Is this the way to increase housing standards despite low costs? What is the added value of cooperative models beyond their individual members for the district and the city?

Within the context of the International Building Exhibition Berlin 2020, innovation is to be promoted and solutions are to be tested by way of an example. At the 4th IBA workshop talk, cooperative models of organisation and financing will be put to the discussion.

Event management
Coordinating Bureau IBA Berlin 2020

Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment
Studio for Building Culture and Communication
Highest Historic Property Preservation Authority
Am Köllnischen Park 3
10179 Berlin

Graphics: Thomas Rustemeyer
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