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Archive: IBA Berlin 2020

IBA Studio

Collage: IBA Studio Talk, Fotos: Theresa Becherer

The IBA Studio was launched in early 2011, creating a public space for work and discussion. IBA used it for its active search for partners. The Studio had a fitting location, at the Alte Zollgarage at the Tempelhof airport building. The great interest in a third IBA in Berlin manifested itself quickly: several thousand people attended the around 20 events at the Studio between January and April 2011. The broad participation helped to specify and flesh out the concept of the IBA Berlin 2020 further.

IBA Studio: Talks

A variety of playful and experimental formats allowed for a constructive approach to the IBA Berlin 2020. At eight IBA closed-door meetings, specific issues and topics of the IBA concept were brought into sharper focus within a small circle of specialists and experts. Throughout a total of seven IBA Talks and discussions, experts, practitioners, citizens and activists came together to talk. The national IBA Forum “IBA meets IBA” was also hosted at the IBA Studio.

IBA Studio: Talk – 31.03.2011
On 31 March 2011, at 7:00 PM, IBA Studio: Talk on the topic: Capital city - spacious city - instant city: What are the goals of IBA Berlin 2020?

IBA Studio: Talk – 24.03.2011
On 24 March 2011, at 7:00 PM, IBA Studio: Talk on the topic: Space as city capital - boulevards, green islands and grand interiors

IBA Studio: Discussion – 17.03.2011
On 17 March 2011, at 7:00 PM, IBA Studio: Discussion on the topic: Space as city capital - development or free space?

IBA Studio: Talk – 10.03.2011
On 10 March 2011, at 7:00 PM, IBA Studio: Talk on the topic: Urban development outside the box - innovative funding and organisation models for resident-based urban development

IBA Studio: Talk – 03.03.2011
On 03 March 2011, at 7:30 PM, IBA Studio: Talk on the topic: Diversity as city capital - how can IBA Berlin 2020 improve upon the diversity of housing and living in Berlin further?

IBA Studio: Talk – 17.02.2011
On 17 February 2011, at 7:00 PM, IBA Studio: Talk on the topic: "Going local" - building the city with local resources (presented in English and German, no interpretation provided)

IBA Studio: Talk – 10.02.2011
On 10 February 2011, at 7:00 PM, IBA Studio: Talk on the topic: Climate protection, climate adjustment: how can IBA score?

IBA Walks

Four IBA Walks were inspired by the ideas of the building exhibition, providing an opportunity for extraordinary exploration: from the periphery to the city centre, on foot and under artistic supervision.

IBA Walks

10.04.2011, 01.05.2011, 22.05.2011 and 12.06.2011

Opening of IBA Studio and IBA Summer Festival

Since the opening of the IBA Studio, there have been opportunities for those involved to take joy in the accomplishments of IBA to date. For example, the opening of the IBA Studio and also the IBA Summer Festival were celebrated in and in front of the Alte Zollgarage.

Opening of IBA Studio

IBA Summer Festival
On 6 July 2011, at 8:00 PM: IBA Summer Festival


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