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Archive: IBA Berlin 2020

IBA Forum – IBA meets IBA: City Capital!

Raumlabor (c) Thomas Rustemeyer
The Senate Department for Urban Development of Berlin hosted, in April 2011, the IBA Forum - IBA meets IBA, under the heading of "City Capital".

What does the city have, what resources are there, and how can they be utilised?
The initial event and three different city excursions served as an introduction to the topic. The meeting brought together experts and actors representing a wide range of different disciplines for an exchange on "City Capital": see - calculate - cooperate differently. Given the occasion, Berlin is an example. Other cities are faced with the same challenges. All resources must be activated in an intelligent manner in order to cope with both global and local developments. What are the special talents, energies and abilities of a city? And how does it manage these resources - for its own economic and social benefit? The IBA Forum presented a number of practical examples. These insights are to show, and provide an opportunity to reflect on, what must be done and, above all, how it can be done. In attendance were, for example, Prof. Raoul Bunschoten, CHORA, London; Arno Brandlhuber, architect, Berlin; Peter Holbrook, The Social Enterprise Coalition, London; Lorenz Potocnik, architect, Vienna/Linz; and Ignacio Farías, Social Science Research Centre Berlin.
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