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Land Use Planning Berlin

Explanation for the participation

Please let us know your opinion!

During the first phase of public participation, which takes place at an early stage of the planning process, the public are informed about proposed modifications to the Land Use Plan, the general planning objectives, alternative solutions, and possible repercussions of the proposed modifications. You can put forward your own proposals and comments on the modifications during this early stage, to be considered during the revision of the first draft. Important statements relating to environmental issues will then be put forward for public comment during the second participation stage.

During the second phase of public participation, the revised draft is put on public display, together with a written statement, an environmental impact assessment, and other statements on environmental matters already available (if a simplified modification procedure is adopted, an envi-ronmental impact assessment is not required). During the participation period (usually one month), comments from the public will again be received. These are taken into consideration when the arguments for and against the proposed modification are finally weighed up. Comments which have not been received before the published deadline may be excluded from further consideration.

If you wish to participate, please note that we can only consider your comments if you give your full name and address. In addition, we need to know exactly which modification you are com-menting on, so please state the number of that modification.

You may send us your comments online or print out a form, which may be handed in at our offices or at any district planning office or sent to the following address:

Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing
I B 1
Fehrbelliner Platz 4
10707 Berlin-Mitte

Attention please! No public participation at this time.

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