Urban Planning

Agenda 21

The earth has to be liveable permanently for every one. Therefore, a lot has to be done. Agenda 21, an action programme for the 21st century, has made this its goal. Berlin Local Agenda 21 implements this at local level.

Agenda 21: Thinking Globally – Working Locally!

At the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro 172 nations pointed out the urgent need for action to save the earth. They reached basic agreements in Agenda 21 on promoting sustained ecological, economic and social development.

Local municipalities take on a central role in implementing Agenda 21, because so much can actually only be achieved locally. The knowledge, volition and energy of many people is needed for this. That is why article 28 of Agenda 21 states: “Every local municipality should decide upon a municipal Agenda 21 in dialogue with its citizens, local organisations and private enterprise.”

The Berlin Senate signed the Aalborg-Charta – Local Agenda 21 – together with representatives of other European local municipalities in 1994. Berlin commits itself, therewith to complete the tasks laid down by the local municipalities in article 28.

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