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Berlin Environmental Atlas

04.07 Climate Functions (Edition 2001)

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This map is exclusively offered as PDF-Document.

Map 04.07

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. The climatic functional areas were delimited on the basis of the maps of the Long-term Mean Air Temperatures 1961-1990 (04.02), the Urban Climate Zones (04.05), the Surface Temperatures at Day and Night (04.06) and the land-use maps (06.01, 06.02). In the process consideration was given not only to the location of the respective forms of land-use in relation to the city-center, but also its interaction with neighboring forms of land-use.
  2. All maps were updated for Berlin on basis of a monitoring system for changes in settlement areas which are important for the whole city by the ministry for urban development on the level of the year 2000. Projects which were already started and will be realized until 2002 were also taken into account.
  3. Due to the generalized representation no precise statements can be made. For delimitations true to detail more specialized investigations are required. The exchange-areas are represented schematically. The concrete delimitation must be investigated in each individual case. The delimitation of relief-related air channels is based on the Relief Map of the German Planning Atlas - Atlas of Berlin. The ventilation currents towards the high-pollution area are represented.
    Only areas within or in direct vicinity of the areas 4a/4b are represented as areas with plain-wind effect. In addition plain winds can arise in the domain of any large green areas.

Imprint of the Map

1 : 50 000

Published by:
Ministry for Urban Development Berlin
Special Unit Communication

Dr. M. Horbert, Dr. A. v. Stülpnagel , Heiner Stoffregen- TU Berlin, Institut für Ökologie, Fachgebiet Bioklimatologie;
Gruppe IX B 2 (Informationssystem Stadt und Umwelt)

IX B 2


  • Erhebungen zum Umweltatlas Berlin 1981-83, 1991/1992 und 1999/2000 - TU Berlin, Institut für Ökologie, Fachgebiet Bioklimatologie, im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umweltschutz
  • Ergebnisse des Forschungsprojektes Ökologische Karten Berlin (West) - TU Berlin, Institut für Ökologie
  • Klimameßnetz des Deutschen Wetterdienstes und der TU Berlin
  • Karten des Umweltatlas 1993
  • Flächenmonitoring mit gesamtstädtisch bedeutenden Veränderungspotenzialen, Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, I A 1, 2000

Data processing and map production:
Dr. M. Horbert, Dr. A. v. Stülpnagel, Heiner Stoffregen
in cooperation with A. Kirchgeorg, H. Küster, E. Mertens,
IX B 2

Colour scheme:
R. Armbruster

Data from:
January 2001

Based on the maps:
Digitale Grundkarte 1: 5000 (Blockkarte), Stand Jan 2001, Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, IX B 2 (Informationssystem Stadt und Umwelt), statistical unit (black), district border (red)

Edition 2001

Map as PDF-Document

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