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03.11 Traffic-Related Air Pollution - NO2 and PM10 (Edition 2008)

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Map 03.11 Traffic-Related Air Pollution - NO2 and PM10 (Edition 2008)

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. The new EC-limit values for air quality, which are adopted into german law in 2002, have to be scored within a limited period. Afterwards no exceedings are allowed. Because the sum of limit value and tolerance margin for particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogin dioxide (NO2) exceed in several cases, ist was necessary to prepare a clean air plan for Berlin.
  2. This clean air- and action plan 2005-2010 contains an intensive both chronological and spatial inventory of the air burden situation in Berlin. Besides the traditional measurements of the immission situation in the city dispersion models for certain substances were used. For thes models the knowledge of many parameters like the broadness of the streets, the roadside developments etc. were required.
  3. This map shows a combining evaluation for the substances PM10 (24h-limit value) and NO2 (annual mean) using indeces. To estimate the index the calculated concentration values for 2005 are weightened at the new EC-limit values and the quotients are added. From this it follows that an index of 1.00 is reached if both components (PM10 and NO2) reach 50 % of the limit values. A special attentionwill be required for those sections of the road network, where an index of 2.00 is passed.
  4. The presentation of the factual data offers both more information about the certain sections of the main road network (names of the streets, statistical information etc.) and advices about the trend estimations for 2015 under status-quo-circumstances, that means without any modifications of the traffic management measures.
  5. Air quality limit values for particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2):
    Limit Value
    Adherence to time limit

    1 year
    50 µg/m³ PM10
    35 exceedings/year
    40 µg/m³ PM10

    1 h

    1 Jahr
    200 µg/m³ NO3
    18 exceedings/year
    40 µg/m³ NO2


Imprint of the Map

1 : 50 000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development in Berlin
Special Section Communication

Referat III F (Urban and Environmental Information System - ISU -) in cooperation with III D (SenGesUmV)

III F 1 in cooperation with III D (SenGesUmV)


  • Road traffic counting 2005, VLB C (Traffic Management Center);
  • III D (SenGesUmV) using the screening program IMMIS.

Data processing and map production:
III F 1 in cooperation with III D (SenGesUmV)

Colour scheme:

Data from:
September 2008

Based on the map:
Digital basis map of the ISU - 1 : 5.000 (ISU5), data from 30.06.2008

Extended Edition 2008

Map as PDF-Document

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