Berlin Environmental Atlas

08.04 Carbon Dioxide Emissions - Arranged by Sectors and Floor Spaces

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This map consists of 4 parts, which are exclusively offered as a PDF-Document (German only).

Map 08.04.1
8.04.1 CO2 Emissions of all Recorded Polluters per Square Meter of the Effective Floor Space
  Map 08.04.2
8.04.2 CO2 Emissions from Electricity Consumption per Square Meter of the Effective Floor Space
Map 08.04.3
8.04.3 CO2 Emissions of Households without an Emission Share from the Public Electricity Supply
  Map 08.04.4
8.04.4 CO2 Emissions from Public Facilities, Industry/Commerce, Trade and Service Sectors, without Emission Share from the Public Electrical Supply

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. Map 08.03 gives the total CO2 emissions of all recorded polluters. This map is sector and use related. The reference to the effective floor space of buildings gives additional pointers for the intensity of energy processes relevant for CO2.
  2. All emissions were allocated to the location of origin. The only exceptions are emissions from production of electricity and district heating. They were classified spatially according to consumption (cf. Maps 08.04.2 and 08.03.2).
  3. There is no precise all-Berlin block information for the total building area. Total floor space could only be approximately calculated by using built-up areas and the number of storeys in individual area types. No information exists for a number of built-up areas. The determination of block-related electricity consumption was mainly made from aggregated customer data of the BEWAG for 1995.
  4. Map areas not presented in color include areas where no CO2 is emitted, as well as uses for which no or only partial information exists regarding emission amounts. These uses include passenger and freight waterways, and railway areas. Individual locations like excursion restaurants, forestry facilities, etc., are also not completely registered.
  5. All CO2 emissions were depicted according to the block areas defined in the EIS Environmental Information System. The CO2 emitting facilities of large areas in particular, such as airports, actually use only a small part of the depicted areas.

Imprint of the Map

1 : 125 000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development in Berlin, Environmental Protection and Technology
Public relations

Gruppe VI B 2 (Informationssystem Umwelt, Ökologische Planungsgrundlagen),


VI B 2, Heiner Deja


  • Öko-Institut: Ermittlung und räumliche Darstellung der Kohlendioxid-Emission in Berlin,
    Gutachten im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Umweltschutz und Technologie

Data processing and map production:

  • Öko-Institut
  • Sjut Rohlfs
  • VI B 2 unter Verwendung des Umweltinformationssystems (UIS) Berlin

Cartographic design:
VI B 2, Kathleen Hartmann

Data from:
Juni 1998

Based on the maps:
Digitale Arbeitskarte 1 : 50 000 des UIS Berlin

Edition 1998

Map as PDF-Document (German only)

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