Berlin Environmental Atlas

05.03 Valuable Areas for Flora and Fauna

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Map 05.03

Explanations and Imprint of the Map
  1. The evaluation in each case occurs within a biotope type. The evaluation criteria can be derived from the explanatory text.
  2. For the area of East Berlin, various different biotopes could not be differentiated from one another, due to a lack of data:
    • Biotope Types 32 (Ornamental cemeteries), 33 (Park cemeteries) and 34 (Forest cemeteries) were combined to form Biotope Type 90 (Cemeteries – undifferentiated);
    • Biotope Types 35 (Urban vacant land) and 36 (Fallow gardens) are both shown as Biotope Type 35;
    • Biotope Types 37 (Fallow agricultural land), 38 (Fallow meadows and pastureland), 40 (Farmland) and 41(Pastureland) are all shown as Biotope Type 40;
    • Biotope Types 42 (Fresh meadows) and 43 (Moist and wet meadowland) are both shown as Biotope Type 43.
  3. A comparative evaluation of biotopes in built-up areas (including, in accordance with the assignment to biotope types, allotment gardens), was not carried out, since no sufficient, comprehensive investigation results were available.
  4. The valuable areas of the State of Brandenburg have been evaluated according to different criteria from those used in Berlin. Their quality is not directly comparable. According to the opinion of Brandenburg State Environmental Agency, however, the character of most of the areas mapped in Brandenburg is comparable to the especially valuable areas in Berlin. For this reason, they are shown in the same shading.

Imprint of the Map

1 : 50 000

Published by:
Senate Department for Urban Development in Berlin and Environmental Protection
Public relations

Gruppe III A 3 (Ökologische Planungsgrundlagen)
in Zusammenarbeit mit III A 1, III A 2 und III LB


III A 3, Heiner Deja, Heiner Widdig


  • Gutachten bis 1992,
  • Luftbildaufnahmen 1990,
  • Grundlagen zum Artenschutzprogramm 1984,
  • Karten des Umweltatlas Berlin:
    05.03 Wertvolle Lebensräume für Flora und Fauna 1986,
    02.06 Ökologischer Zustand der Gewässerufer, Bearbeitungsstand Januar 1993

  • Ökologische Ressourcenplanung Berlin & Umland - Planungsgrundlagen:
    Karte 5.01 Wertvolle Biotope Bearbeitungsstand 1991,
    Selektive Biotopkartierung, Landesumweltamt Brandenburg, Stand 1993

Data processing and map production:
III A 3 unter Verwendung des Umweltinformationssystems (UIS) Berlin;

Cartographic design:

Colour scheme:

Data from:
November 1994

Based on the maps:
Digitale Arbeitskarte 1 : 50 000 des UIS Berlin;
Topographische Karte 1 : 50 000 (AV) Stand 1974/1982,
Landesvermessungsamt Brandenburg;
Übersichtskarte von Berlin (West) 1 : 50 000 Stand 1988/89, 1992/93,
Senatsverwaltung für Bau- und Wohnungswesen V - Vermessungswesen

Extended and revised edition 1995

Map as PDF-Document (German only)

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