Berlin Environmental Atlas

06.01 Actual Use of Built-up Areas /
06.02 Inventory of Green and Open Spaces (Edition 2002)

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Categories of the Map 06.02 "Inventory of Green and Open Spaces"

The category Forest includes all wooded areas of the Berlin forests, as well as those wooded stands outside the Berlin forests which appear clearly in aerial photography as self-contained forest stands. The forests include reforested former sewage farms.

Bodies of Water include all natural bodies of water - rivers, lakes, ponds - and also canals and reservoirs belonging to the Berlin Water Authority.

The category Meadows and Pastures includes meadows, pastures and enclosures used for agricultural purposes, and also experimental areas used by the universities for similar purposes, and former sewage fields.

Farmland includes areas identified in aerial photography as being used for agricultural purposes. The difference from "Meadows and Pastures" is that in this case, the land is periodically sown, fertilized and harvested.

Parks or Green Spaces include those facilities listed in the SenStadt Directory of Green Spaces, other city squares with a sealing level of less than 30%, and median strips used as green spaces. In addition, playgrounds, the Botanical Garden, the Zoos in Tiergarten and Friedrichsfelde, the Charlottenburg Palace Gardens, and similar facilities were assigned to the category "Parks/Green Spaces." Green spaces around public facilities such as hospitals were not marked separately.

City Squares and Promenades serve as places of leisure for free time and recreation, as places of assembly, markets, etc. They generally have the word "Platz" (square) in their names, i.e., Alexanderplatz. They are defined differently from green spaces due to their high degree of sealing, which is 30% or more for both city squares and promenades. Promenades also include median strips with sealing levels of over 30%, unless they are used as parking lots.

Cemeteries are areas used for burial purposes.

The basis for the assignment and delimitation of the category Allotment Gardens was the SenStadt map and list of Berlin allotment garden colonies, which record the allotment gardens as defined by the Federal Allotment Garden Law, which are used as such and are on leased land.

Vacant Areas are areas currently not used or cared for, on which variegated stands of vegetation can develop. Sand beaches and other non-vegetation-filled areas also belong to this category. In addition, a few artificial rain catchments, ditches, landfills and wet areas are assigned to this category.

The category Campgrounds includes areas used for occasional residence in mobile shelters, such as tents, trailers and campers. These include both tent camps and permanent campgrounds.

The category Sports Facilities/Outdoor Swimming Pools includes, in addition to sports facilities, swimming pools and beaches, riding facilities and water sports areas. The water sports areas are characterized by small dockyards, boat-hangars, club houses, parking lots, etc.. Clearly commercial water sports areas (dockyards, boat-building facilities, etc.) are assigned to the category "Small Business Area" of Map 06.01 "Actual Use of Built-Up Areas."

The category Tree Nursery/Horticulture includes, gardening schools, and the planting fields of private tree nurseries and market gardens, except for those areas marked as having solely greenhouse cultivation.

Maps 06.01 "Actual Use of Built-up Areas," and 06.02 "Inventory of Green and Open Spaces" fit together to provide a comprehensive representation of actual land use. Overlapping occurs with "Public Facility" and "Special Use" Sites, with "Utilities Areas", with "Small Business Areas" and "Industrial Areas" and with "Traffic Areas". Areas of these categories are in some cases represented on Map 06.02 "Inventory of Green and Open Spaces," if their character, regardless of their use, is more like that of a green or open space. A sports facility for example, would be represented on Map 06.01 as a Public Facility, and on Map 06.02 as a "Sports Facility"; a median strip might simultaneously be shown as a "Traffic Area" (Map 06.01) and as a "Vacant Area" (Map 06.02). Churches on city squares are shown on Map 06.01 as "Public Facilities" and in Map 06.02 as "Parks/Green Spaces" or as "City Squares/Promenades", depending on their degree of sealing. Altogether the overlapping applies about 750 areas with a total area of nearly 30 km².

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