Berlin Environmental Atlas

05.06. Nature Protection Areas and Landscape Protection Areas (Edition 2003)

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Protected Landscape Elements

The previously existing protected landscape elements (GLB) in the western part of the city, “Hallesche Strasse/ Möckernstrasse Park” in Kreuzberg and “Birkenhaag” in Lichterfelde, have been augmented since 1994 by 16 newly established areas in the eastern part of the city, including the “Buchholz Krug Pool,” the “Hansastrasse Pond,” the “Margaretenhöhe Luch,” and a number of islands in the Spree and Dahme rivers, such as the island of Werderchen established in 2000, or the islands of Seddinwall and Little Seddinwall. At present, one area is in certification process. The 21 established GLBs occupy an area of 34.6 hectares, or 0.04% of the municipal area (cf. Tab. 4) (as of Dec. 2003).

In East Berlin, most of the protected landscape elements were formerly large-scale natural monuments – as was the case, too, of the GLB “Karow Pond Hill,” established in 1994, which was placed under protection for the first time in 1980 as an FND of major herpetological significance. It is a wetland of 0.5 ha in size, with an open water area, the water level of which depends greatly on the volume of precipitation. The “Karow Pond Hill” lies amid allotment gardens and farmland. The available open spaces in the environment will be greatly limited in the future by extensive building of residential projects. It is a valuable amphibian spawning area in which the pointed-nose frog (Rana arvalis), the common frog, the common newt, the common toad and the spade-footed toad live. More rarely encountered are the green toad and bullfrog. There are a number of protected aquatic plant species there as well, including the water crowfoot (Ranunculus aquatilis), the blossoms of which cover the entire water surface in the spring.

Table 4
Tab. 4: Protected Landscape Elements in Berlin (as of Dec. 2003)

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