Berlin Environmental Atlas

05.06. Nature Protection Areas and Landscape Protection Areas (Edition 2003)

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Landscape Protection Areas

The total area of the 48 Berlin landscape protection areas, which mainly consist of woods, is 10,916 hectares, or 12.2% of the municipal area (cf. Tab. 3) (as of Dec. 2003). They are located primarily at the edge of Berlin, and in the western part of the city extend from the wooded area of Frohnau in the far north through the Tegel Forest, the Spandau Forest (Eiskeller), the Jungfernheide (heath), the fields around Gatow/ Kladow and the Grunewald forest to the Düppel Forest in the southwest of the city. "Tegel Creek" in the north of Berlin is a particularly valuable LSG, as it is a largely unchanneled creek which, with its moist meadows has been preserved in its landscape context, and provides sanctuary to a very large number of animal and plant species. Currently, the eastern part of the city has seven established nature protection areas: the "Kaulsdorf Lakes", the "Erpe Valley", the "New Meadows" (Neue Wiesen), the "Falkensee Krug Meadows", the "Müggel-Spree Meadows", the "Plänterwald" forest and the "Buch Forest" and the former Johannisthal Airfield.
Additional areas are in the certification process, including the valuable inner-city biotopes on the former Johannisthal airfield or the Hönow ponds. A certification process is planned for the large forested areas "Königsheide", "Wuhlheide" (heaths) and "Kölln Heath" located in the borough of Köpenick.

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Tab. 3: Landscape Protection Areas in Berlin (as of Dec. 2003)

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