Berlin Environmental Atlas

05.06. Nature Protection Areas and Landscape Protection Areas (Edition 2003)

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Statistical Base and Methodology

For Berlin, the delimitations of the established protected areas were adopted from the maps contained in the ordinances, and digitalized on the basis of the 1:50,000 digital map of the City and Environment Information System (ISU-50, as of 2001). The delimitations of the 1994 version were updated with the help of the digital map of protected areas, of Working Group I E 1, Landscape Planning (as of 2000). The areas in processing or newly established were ascertained by Working Group I E 2 (protected-area certification under the conservation laws) of the Senate Department of Urban Development (as of Dec. 2003), and digitalized using analogous documentation. It is important to note that map ISU-50 is a generalized overview representation for the map-scale level 1:50,000, and provides no precise site information. For precise lot-related delimitations, the official maps enclosed with the Protection Ordinance must be consulted.
Superimposition with other, precise map bases is not possible.

The information on the size of the protected areas in the respective tables corresponds to that in the official list of the Conservation Book as per §26 Berlin Conservation Law. The total area figure stated in the text for each protected-area category has been determined by means of area calculation of the very precise digitalized single areas, and may differ slightly from the area size stated in the Conservation Book.

The data bases for the State of Brandenburg (as of Dec. 2000) were provided by the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency (LUA), Dept. of Conservation, N3, Protected Area Register.

The protected areas have been adopted in analogous form from the conservation authorities responsible for the respective protected-area certification. The protected areas are represented on the cartographic basis of the Official Topographical Cartographical Information System (ATKIS), at a scale of 1:50,000.
As the large scale indicates, all protected-area delimitations represented serve to provide an overview, and are not legally binding. If legally binding details are required, please additionally consult the cartographic basis mentioned in the accompanying Protection Order.
In Berlin: Maps are generally 1:4000 for older ordinances and 1:5000 for newer ones;
In Brandenburg prior to 1991: generally, topographical maps are of a scale of 1:25,000 (nature protection areas) and 1:50,000 (landscape protection areas), as of 1991; as a rule, they are land-register maps.
Current informations on the state of landscape planning in the area surrounding Berlin under Brandenburg LUA N3.

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