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Berlin Environmental Atlas

05.06. Nature Reserves and Landscape Reserves (Edition 1995)

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Landscape reserves

The 43 Berlin Landscape Reserves, which consist mainly of forests, cover an area of 9,742 ha, or 11% of the urban area (West: 19.6%, East: 0.5%; cf. Tab. 2). They are found especially in the border areas of Berlin and extend in the western part of the city from the Frohnau forest area in the north of Berlin through the Tegel Forest, the Spandau Forest (Eiskeller), the Jungfernheide (heath) and the fields around Gatow and Kladow, to the Grunewald Forest and the Düppel Forest in the southwest of the city. An especially valuable LSG is "Tegeler Fliess - Tegel Creek" in the north of Berlin, which has survived as largely unregulated stream in its scenic context with moist meadows, and offers refuge to a very large number of animal and plant species. At present, there are three established landscape reserves in the eastern part of the city - the "Kaulsdorfer Seen - Kaulsdorf Lakes," the "Erpetal" and the "Neue Wiesen - New Meadows." Further areas undergoing the protected-status implementation process include the "Müggelspreewiesen - Müggelspree Meadows" in Köpenick, the "Bucher Forst - Buch Forest" in Pankow with its near-natural mixed forest stand, and the valuable inner-city forest areas "Königsheide - King's Heath," "Plänterwald (forest)," "Wuhlheide (heath)" and "Köllnische Heide - Köllnish Heath."

Table 2 - Dummy
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Tab. 2: Landscape Reserves in Berlin (as of April 1995)

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