Berlin Environmental Atlas

05.06. Nature Reserves and Landscape Reserves (Edition 1995)

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Statistical Base

For Berlin, the delimitation of the established protected areas were taken from the maps of the ordinances. The areas being processed were determined by Team III A 2 of the Berlin Department of Urban Development and Environmental Protection (as of April 1995). The evaluation of following materials served as the basis for the representation of the § 30a biotopes: Various expert opinions (especially "Wertvolle Flächen für Flora und Fauna - Valuable Areas for Flora and Fauna" by the office Plantage, 1993; and "Definitionen und Beschreibungen der nach § 30a des Berliner Naturschutzgesetzes geschützten Biotope - Definitions and Descriptions of the Biotopes Protected under § 30a of the Berlin Conservation Law," by the study group Hemeier and Steinlein 1995), aerial photography, local observations and examinations by the office of the State Commissioner for Conservation and Landscape Care, the conservation and green space offices, the Berlin Forest Agency, and various conservationist organizations.

The statistical bases for the state of Brandenburg (as of March 1995) were provided by the Brandenburg State Environmental Protection Agency (LUA), Conservation Section, and/or the Ministry for the Environment, Conservation and Regional Planning (MUNR), Section N - Task Forces on Protected Area Certifications and Protected Areas. Individual area delimitations were provided by the subordinate conservation authorities (Seelow Environmental Agency). The delimitation of the protected areas was taken from the maps (various scales) of the ordinances (existing protected areas), the temporary safeguarding decrees and/or to the draft regulations (in process). The delimitation of the legally protected biotopes originated from the survey of ecologically valuable biotopes, carried out by terrain mapping (selective biotope mapping) on the basis of the topographical maps at a scale of 1:25,000 (Edition for the National Business Community) by the LUA, Dept. of Conservation, Ref. N3. The data on the landscape plans were provided by the LUA Dept. of Conservation, Ref. N2.

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