Berlin Environmental Atlas

04.03 Near Ground Wind Speeds

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Wind Directional Distribution

A comparison of long-term measurement series from four stations in Berlin (Ostkreuz, Buch), Potsdam and Schönefeld for the wind directional distribution shows for all measurement sites a similar predominance of west - to southwest winds (cf. Fig. 4). Wind roses are presented for the long-term Berlin reference station Dahlem additionally for the half-year periods summer (May-October) and winter (November-April) (cf. Fig. 5).

Figure 4
Fig. 4: Relative Incidence of the Wind Direction at the Stations Berlin - Buch, Berlin - Ostkreuz, Schönefeld and Potsdam 1962 - 1976 (according to Hupfer et al. 1990)

The wind roses in Fig. 5 also show the above-mentioned distributions, nonetheless with great seasonal variations. Thereby it should be noted that especially the distribution of the remaining wind directions at all stations differ greatly. The cause for these deviations lies in the respectively specific environment the measuring stations. Similar heterogeneity in the measuring results can also be seen in the maps of near ground wind direction (Maps 04.03.3 and 04.03.4, SenStadtUm 1985). Here the wind directions are presented only for the respective measuring site. Unlike with the wind speeds the statements cannot be applied directly to comparable city structures.

Figure 5
Fig. 5: Relative Frequency of the Wind Directions at the Station Berlin - Dahlem for the Whole Year, Summer (May- October) and Winter (November - April) 1971 - 1990 (SenStadtUm 1994)

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