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Urban Green Space


Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment

Division I: Urban and Open-Space Planning
Am Köllnischen Park 3
10179 Berlin 
Head of Commission "Open-Space Planning and Urban Green Space"
Mr. Wichert (I C)
Tel.: 030 9025-1256
Fax: 030 9025-1302
Head of Group "Design of Public Green Space"
Ms. Renker (I C 1)
Tel.: 030 9025-1330
Fax: 030 9025-1057
Head of Group "Urban Green Space - Citywide Management"
Ms. Wünnecke (I C 2)
Tel.: 030 9025-1270
Fax: 030 9025-1057
Head of Group "Project and Property Management Landscaping for Building Construction and Civil Engineering of the Main Departments"
Ms. Schulz-Sasse (I C 31)
Tel.: 030 9025-1728
Fax: 030 9025-1604
Ms. Koll-Hortien (I C 32)
Tel.: 030 9025-1717
Fax: 030 9025-1604
Overviews on the organization of Berlin's Administrations of Urban Green Space (Senate department and boroughs)
Mr. Schahin (I C 213)
Phone: +49 30 9025-1477
Fax: +49 30 9025-1057
Editorial Board of the City Green Space Internet Presence
Mr. Reinheckel (I C 215)
Phone: +49 30 9025-1742
Fax: +49 30 9025-1057
Photos used in the Urban Green Spaces Internet presence
  • Senate Department for Urban Development
  • Borough Departments of Green Spaces
  • Ms. Waltraud Schönholz
  • Mr. Michael Kirsten
  • Mr. Holger Koppatsch
  • Ms. Jana Tietze
  • Prof. Dr. habil. Hartmut Balder
  • Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin
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