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Overview of the Stock Data

Berlin's many tree-lined streets make it a green city. An average of around eighty trees line each kilometer of the city's streets, yielding a rough total of 438,000 street trees. But trees are also an important visual and recreational aspect of Berlin's many green spaces, playgrounds, schoolyards, cemeteries, and semi-natural areas.

Berlin has made steady gains in restoring its street tree stock, which was badly decimated by World War II, falling from around 411,000 in 1939 to around 161,000 in 1946. At reunification at the end of 1990, the city had a stock of roughly 370,000 street trees; today, there are approximately 438,000 trees lining Berlin's streets, or around 27,000 more than the prewar total.

Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment I C;
Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment VI C
(Data of Berlins streets (kilometer) as of the prior year)
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