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Allotment Gardens

As part of the system of green spaces, allotment gardens fulfill an important function as places of rest and recreation in the urban structure. The support of the allotment-garden system is an important urban-planning, health and social-policy mission of the State of Berlin. On the following pages, you will find information about the Berlin allotment-garden system, the stock of gardens and the legal foundations (in German) of the system. Moreover, selected garden areas are described (in German) and depicted. more
Allotment garden area "Müggelspreeufer" Allotment garden area "Niederheideweg" Allotment garden area "Vogelsang 1" Allotment garden area "Am Fuchsberg" Allotment garden area "Falkenhöhe Nord" Allotment garden area "Grüne Weide"