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Volkspark Friedrichshain

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This route leads through Berlin's oldest park and past one of the best known and most beautiful fountains, the "Märchenbrunnen". The city's first public hospital is here, as well as a garden of remembrance for the those killed during the German revolution in 1848.

The park was planned in commemoration of the centennial of Friedrich the Great's accession to the throne, and established in 1846. The planning originates from G. Meyer, a pupil of P. J. Lenné. The hilly terrain was designed with long paths and green areas for playing, exercising, or relaxing. In 1848 the southern part of the park was made into a cemetery for the barricade combatants killed in the riots in Berlin in that same year. The hospital, Krankenhaus am Friedrichshain, was built as Berlin's first urban hospital between 1868 and 1874 in the Southeast of the park. Designed by Gropius and Schmieden and led by Rudolf Virchow, it was built in the progressive Pavilion style.
One of the main attractions of the park is the large "Märchenbrunnen" at the western entrance of the park. It was designed in 1913 by the city building director, Ludwig Hoffmann, and shows characters from Grimm's Fairy Tales.
After being destroyed during the war, the park was redesigned in 1945. The "Große Bunkerberg" and "Kleine Bunkerberg" (Large and Small Bunker-hills, 78 m and 48 m tall) were formed from the ruins of debris from destroyed buildings and the bunker that was once located there. They characterise the park today and offer good training possibilities for joggers (unfortunately, the view is restricted by high trees around the peaks).

Volkspark Friedrichshain offers a small, versatile jogging environment: the basic path is an even circuit with illuminated parkways and smooth surfaces (granite paving stones or asphalt), which can be extended by the uphill paths around the two hills.
Volkspark Friedrichshain is open for the public 24 hours a day.

Route No. 11, Volkspark Friedrichshain
Distance 2.7 km (with additional route)
Terrain parkways, inclines available
Suitability for everybody or trained runners
How to get there by Public Transportation
Tram: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 20
Busses: 100, 142, 200, 257, 340
U 5 till Strausberger Platz
S 4, 8, 85 till Landsberger Allee
(10 minutes walking distance in all cases)
Additional Notes
Route partly illuminated
Open 24 hours
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Rise Kleiner Bunkerberg

Basic path

Monument: Friedrich der Große

Chinese Pavillion

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