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The following internet pages will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the changes that Alexanderplatz has undergone during the past centuries until today. The overview will comprise current and future plannings as well as a description of projects that have already been realized.

Since the 17th century Alexanderplatz with its towngate "Georgentor", which once formed one of the most important accesses to the historical centre of Berlin, has been a prominent and busy place. The urban design planning of today´s Senate Departement of Urban Development pays tribute to the historical and social tradition of Alexanderplatz as a dynamic trading post, a highly frequented shopping area and a centre of social importance.

After the reunification of Germany in 1990 the urban planning for Berlin had to be discussed anew. Accordingly, in January 1993 the former "Senate Department of Urban Development and Environmental Conservation" organized a competition for the urban development of Alexanderplatz and its surrounding areas. The competition was jointly organized by the Senate Department, the responsible borough of Berlin-Mitte and eight private or public site owners and investors. It was won by the architects Hans Kollhoff and Helga Timmermann, whose design idea of originally projecting up to 13 new tower buildings still forms the basis for all further planning.

The project area Alexanderplatz has been divided into a total of four binding land-use plan-regions. The binding land-use plan I-B4a was constituted first in April 2000. Among others the plan foresees seven tower buildings to be built in the years to come. The costs for the rearrangements of public streets and parts of the public square will be shared in a public private partnership between the investors at Alexanderplatz and the City of Berlin.

The urban design concept for Alexanderplatz will be realized in a stepwise approach. On the total area of 1.300.000 sq.m., space will be provided for shopping facilities (350.000 sq.m.), offices, hotels and entertainment venues (650.000 sq.m.) as well as apartments (300.000 sq.m.).

The first project which was realized within the planning concepts of Alexanderplatz was the building of the "CUBIX" cinema in 2001. In 2006, the redeveloped shopping centre "Galeria-Kaufhof" reopened as well as the nearby located commercial and office building "Berolinahaus" that had been carefully redeveloped according to the specifications for a listed building. In 2007, the large building complex of the shopping and leisure centre "ALEXA" situated on a former parking area was completed. In 2011, the hotel and office building called "Die Welle" (the wave) located at the northern section of Karl-Liebknecht-Straße was completed and opened. Also on the north side of Alexanderplatz but further to the right near to the street Otto-Braun-Straße the completion of the hotel and residential building "Alexander-Parksite" is planned for 2012. South of Alexanderplatz near to the TV-tower and directly on the former building site of the long-established trading company "C&A" a new residential and commercial building will be built.
Other projects are being carried out north to Alexanderplatz in the range between Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, Mollstraße and Otto-Braun-Straße.

construction site Alexanderplatz, March 2007; photo: Philipp Eder click to enlarge (178 kb)
construction site Alexanderplatz, March 2007. The renovation of the already existing buildings at Alexanderplatz as well as the new design of the public space are nearly brought to completion. The building area D4 on the still free south-eastern corner is already prepared for the upcoming building project.     photo: Philipp Eder

View from Dircksenstraße onto Alexanderplatz, March 2007;
photo: Philipp Eder
click to enlarge (132 kb)
View from Dircksenstraße onto the department store Galeria-Kaufhof and the façade of the park inn-Hotel, March 2007. On the right you see a part of the Berolinahaus-façade.     photo: Philipp Eder

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