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Model: view from Alexanderstraße onto project area E2
property owner:
degewo AG and
gewobe Wohnungswirtschaftliche Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
building blocks / project areas: E2-E4
plot area:
about 17,000 sq.m.
gross floor area (GFA):
about 110,000 sq.m.
designated use:
mix of uses, for example office space, residential and office building, hotel.
possible start of construction works:
2006 / 2007

Project description

Immediately adjacent to the shopping– and recreation centre in block E1 is the partial area of block E2 between Alexanderstraße and Voltairestraße with a plot area of approx. 3,800 sq.m. On this site a high rise building of c. 65 m in height and a perimeter block of about 35 m in height are being planned. The effective area has a total of 39,000 sq.m. gross floor area including about 8,000 sq.m. Boarding / Service – Habitation. It is possible to develop schemes of mixed usage, e.g. hotel, office, recreation or the like. An underground parking garage is also provided for.

Lined by Voltaire-, Alexander-, Schickler- and Dircksenstraße block E3 is situated with a high potential capacity for further development. The plot area of 11,500 sq.m. altogether can be divided up into small lots of land und allows for large area utilisation – e.g. 30,000 sq.m. gross floor area – as well as for smaller enterprises up to 3,000 sq.m. gross floor area. The buildings are scheduled for 22 m eaves height and 25 m total height.

A further c. 65 m highrise is being planned at the intersection Voltairestraße / Dircksenstraße. A total of approx. 54,000 sq.m. gross floor area above ground is scheduled (planning scheme 06/03). Various commercial and residential usages are conceivable as well as an underground car park.

Block E4 at Holzmarkt marks the southern confinement of the whole area. Again, the development concept envisages for the 2,100 sq.m. plot a highrise building of approx. 65 m in height and a further perimeter block with 22 m eaves height and 25 m total height. The representative building will be clearly visible and offers a magnificent view over the river Spree. A utilisation of approx. 18,000 sq.m. gross floor area is being scheduled.


Map of investors with project area "degewo / gewobe" labelled

Investorenplan mit Markierung des Projektbereiches degewo / gewobe
View onto the project area E2-E4, Oct. 2005

construction works at Alexanderstraße,
Oct. 2005

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