bermwkan   Area of combined
sewerage (MK - Combined
hpwmk   Main pump station (MK)
hpwmkmul   Main pump station (MK)
with overflow basin
apw   Connection pump station
apwmul   Connection pump station
(MK) with overflow basin
uepw   Booster pump station (MK)
rpw   Rain pump station
rpw_gep   Rain pump station planned
ruelb   Rainwater overflow basin
ruelb_gep   Rainwater overflow basin
- planned
rrhb   Rainwater retention basin
hwrhb   Highwater retention basin
srkan   Retardation channel
srkan_gep   Retardation channel
- planned
rkb   Rainwater settling tank
rba_gep   Rainwater treatment plant
- planned
rvsi   Rainwater seepage
rkanmeuf   Rainwater drain with inlet
point and flow direction
rkan1700   Rainwater drain(diameter > 1700 mm)
regnukan   Rainwater overflow
rdrul   Rainwater penstock
babul   Highways in the
surrounding areas
bulul   Federal roads/roads in
the surounding areas
bahn   Railways
h2o   Waters
lgr   Land borders
bezgr   District borders
statgr   Statistical border/office
and municipality border
bauull   Built up area in the
surrounding areas
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