bermiwakan    Area of combined sewerage
(MK - Combined Sewer)
nikansi    Non canalised settlement areas
standort    Locations of wastewater
riesel    Irrigation field
klwg8    Clarification plant (capacity<<br> 80.000 cubic meters per day)
klwk8    Clarification plant (capacity<<br> 80.000 cubic meters per day)
klwms    Clarification plant with sludge
hpw    Main pump station
apw    Connection pump station
apw_gep    Connection pump station
- planned
uepw    Booster pump station (MK)
uepw_gep    Booster pump station
- planned
spw    Special pump station
owlflan    Surface water treatment
smwkan    Waste water drain
smwkan_gep    Waste water drain
- planned
smwkan    Waste water drain diameter >
500 mm)
smwkan_gep    Waste water drain (diameter >
500 mm) planned
mwkan    Combined sewer
mwkan1800    Combined sewer (diameter >
1800 mm)
abwadrlmv    Wastewater penstock with
connection point
abwadrlmv_gep    Wastewater penstock
- planned
klwdrl    Penstock for clearified water
klwabl    Clarification plant effluent
babul    Highways in the surrounding
bulul    Federal roads/roads in the
surounding areas
bahn    Railways
h2o    Waters
lgr    Land borders
bezgr    District borders
statgr    Statistical border/office and
municipality border
bauull    Built up area in the surrounding
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