UDP Commerce & Industry 1999


The Berlin senate passed the urban development plan for commerce and industry on 14th September 1999.

The plan defines the guidelines for commerce and industry development in Berlin and serves as an orientational framework both for private investors and for the public administration to be used in selecting locations for commerce and industry.

The UDP commerce and industry in context to other plans and concepts

The UDP commerce and industry represents a deepening of the Berlin land use plan. The measures and representations contained within are formed from the guiding principles and the statements of the land use plan as well as from the forecasts for future spatial demands.

The urban-spatial concept for industrial development was worked out in 1996 by the Senate Department for Urban Development and the senate department for economy and business. It serves as a basis for the content related goals developed in the UDP commerce and industry ("Berlin commercial area development - Urban-Spatial concept", published in the city development series, No. 3, Ed.: SenStadtUmTech, January 1997).

Parallel to this, the "Concept to ensure industry areas" from 1992 was adapted to the current development programmes and was further developed to the "Development concept for the production dominated sector of Berlin". The Berlin senate decided this course of action on 07th September 1999, in co-operation with the senate department for economy and technology.

The contents of this concept are designed to give protection to industrially used areas and to give stimulation to attract suppliers and businesses into the designated zones, thus aiding the development of small-scale networks.

However, this concept is oriented mainly on the requirements of the production dominated areas of the Berlin economy, while the UDP commerce and industry gives special emphasis to balancing the interests of the different parties and to urban compatibility.