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ULAP (Universum-Landes-Ausstellungspark) Public Space Planning Competition

The urban planning concept for the Lehrter city quarter includes a further public space - on the grounds of the former Universum-Landes-Ausstellungsparks (ULAP). A public space planning competition for the design of these grounds was offered to 9 invited offices. The brief specified that a park was to be designed for this geometrically characterised space, which is bordered on its three sides by roads, the railway viaduct and the buildings in the western part of the quarter. This park is to allow residents and visitors to rest and carry our differing recreational activities.

The winners of the first Prize, the Dresden landscape architects Rehwaldt, developed - assuming a plentiful supply of trees - a unified and generous urban space, surrounded by high trees. The open space, which is adjoined by buildings and railway tracks, which in the future will be buried, is so designed that it can be used for garden restaurants and events. The "free centre" of the park is a flexible zone, which will be covered with gravel and equipped with individually designed seating.

Public Space Planning CompetitionULAP (Universum-Landes-Ausstellungspark)

Co-operative landscape architecture competition

Handout of the documentation: 15 April 2005
Jury meeting: 14 July 2005
Number of submissions: 9

  • 1st Prize: Rehwaldt Landscape Architects, Dresden
  • 2nd Prize: Burger Landscape Architects, Munich
  • 3rd Prize: Hager Landscape Architectur, Zurich

2005 - ULAP Park; design by T. Rehwaldt
2005 - ULAP Park; design by T. Rehwaldt

2008 - ULAP Park, Clara-Jaschke-Straße
2008 - ULAP Park, Clara-Jaschke-Straße