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Competitions for Building New Bridges

An essential factor in the development concept of the new city centre are the connections of the Government Quarter in the Spreebogen with the adjoining city districts and traffic arteries to the north. Since many bridges were missing along the former course of the Wall, the construction of new bridges has be come an important component of the development measure. Only a few bridges, such as the Moltkebrücke, could be repaired and made fit for service.

Preparatory competitions were held for three bridge constructions in the area of development.



This is a new construction to replace the old bridge at this location, which was severely in need of repair. It connects the two historical urban districts of Dorotheenstadt and Spandauer Vorstadt, and with them also the Government Quarter on both sides of the Spree (Jakob-Kaiser-Haus/ Marie-Elisabeth- Lüders-Haus).

Restricted/invited design implementation competition with 8 offices in two groups (old/new, new construction)

Announcement: 7 November 1995

Jury presentation: 18 January 1996

  • 1st Prize: Prof. Pichler, Berlin with Prof. Benedict Tonon, Berlin (realisied)
  • 2nd Prize: König und Heunisch, Frankfurt a.M.
    with Pahl + Weber-Pahl, Darmstadt
New Construction
  • 1st Prize: Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Sedlacek, Berlin with Max Dudler, Berlin
Marschallbrücke; design by Prof. Benedict Tonon
design by Prof. Benedict Tonon

Marschallbrücke; Photo: Hartmut Krenz
Marschallbrücke; Photo: Hartmut Krenz


This is a pedestrian and cyclists' bridge which connects the Hauptbahnhof and the Lehrter urban district with the Government Quarter and Spreebogenpark.

Expert process with 3 invited offices

First interview with the architects about task and participation:
17 July 2000

Output colloquium: 24 October 2000

Handing-in: 15 December 2000

Jury meeting: March 2001

Selected design: Max Dudler, Berlin

Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke; design by Max Dudler
design by Max Dudler

Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke; Photo: Hartmut Krenz
Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke; Photo: Hartmut Krenz


This is a bridge built at the location of the former Kronprinzenbrücke destroyed during the war, reconnecting the Government Quarter with the adjoining urban district to the east.

Restricted, invited - design implementation competition with 10 offices

Announcement: 22 April 1991

Jury presentation: 18 and 19 July 1991

  • 1st Prize: Santiago Calatrava with engineer M. Wagner, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona
  • 2nd Prize: Marc Mimram, Paris
  • 3rd Prize: Romuald Loeger, Krakau and Pekka Salminen, Helsinki
Kronprinzenbrücke; design by Santiago Calatrava
design by Santiago Calatrava