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Nature and Green

Landscape Planning

Landscape planning is used as a basis for the development, protection and management of nature and the landscape. The key landscape planning mechanisms are presented here, together with the central tasks related to the development of landscape management (also in French, Spanish and Russian). more

Urban Green Space

Information about public parks, green strips, city squares, children's playgrounds, city trees, allotment gardens, cemeteries, graveyards and the history of Berlin's urban green space are presented here. more

Großer Tiergarten Berlin new

The park "Großer Tiergarten" is the oldest urban public park in Berlin. With about 200 hectares it is also the largest artificially created park area of the city. The park offers both, exceptionally landscaped places and many opportunities for recreation. Interactive map with German descriptions. more

Research Project to control Cameraria ohridella

The Official Bureau of Plant Protection Berlin, in cooperation with the TFH Berlin, University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, is developing and testing new strategies to control the chestnut leaf-miner Cameraria ohridella in the city of Berlin. more


Business in Berlin Supports Biodiversity
Recommendations for Action – A Guide


Film URBES Berlin
Video: "URBES Berlin"
Berlin - A thriving city embraces its green spaces mehr

Green Walks
20 Green Walks in Berlin®
The 20 Green Walks in Berlin® network uses Berlin's green corridors to link neighbouring city districts and the nearest recreational areas. more