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Help in using the FIS Broker

Action Result
Start the Listing. Sorted by topics, all titles described in the english version of the FIS Broker are listed on the right side of the screen. On the left side of the screen different search conditions can be started.
Click above the topic list on the menu item
arrow List, Detail,Preview
Geo-data will appear in different views.
Click above the topic list on the menu item
arrow A
The listing change to alphabetical sorting and offers all topics with "A".
Choose a topic, e.g. arrow Actual Use of Built-Up Areas, 2005, by selecting the title. A preview and legend appears.
Click on Brief information. You will receive a brief description of the map, information on the state of the map, and a statement as to whether or not the factual data for the map exists.
In the text besides the preview, click arrow Define map segment, in order to determine the map segment and gain access to the map. In the right frame, the search via the overview map will appear.
Select the menu item Address. The search via the address will be displayed.
Enter a street name, e.g. "pariser", and confirm with Continue. A list of street names will be displayed which start with the sequence "pariser".
Select "Pariser Platz" from the list and confirm with Continue. The name, borough and postal code of Pariser Platz will be given. The street numbers on Pariser Platz will be provided in the form of a list.
Choose a street number and confirm with Continue. The address selected will be displayed on an overview map.
Confirm the correct selection with
The map display will appear, with the map "Actual Use of Built-Up Areas, 2005" on the left and the associated legend on the right. The blue marking in the middle will show the address sought.
Click on Zoom in. The area shown on the map segment will be reduced, and the details will become more precise.
Click on Comments. The explanation of the contents of the map will be shown in the right frame.
Click on Selecting and show data. Confirm with right mouse click., then, with the left mouse key, on several areas in the map, and then confirm your selection with the right mouse key. The marked areas and the area keys will be shown. On the right, you will see data on the selected areas in tabular form.
Select the menu item arrow Topic list at the head of the page. The familiar topic list will appear.
Page through the list up to the data titles Data view, and select the title arrow Landuse, urban structure and imperviousness of soil surface 2005. The available data for the development plans will be listed in tabular form.
To reduce the amount of data, click on Filter. A form will appear with possible filter conditions.
Check off the filter condition "borough", select the borough of "Reinickendorf" from the list, and confirm with Accept. The data sets are from the borough of Reinickendorf will be listed in tabular form (listview).
Click on any key in the 1st column of the table. A display of the data set selected will appear.
Click onMap detail for selected data. The area corresponding to the dataset will appear.


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