Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments

Series of events: CONTINUING TO BUILD

CONTINUING TO BUILD Series of events organised by the Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) (Association of German Architects) and the Landesdenkmalamtes Berlin (Berlin Monument Authority)

The economic significance of the activity field "Building in the continued existence" is constantly growing and makes up approx. 50% of the entire building volume. While the erection of new buildings is on the decrease, the upkeep of buildings, alteration, renovation and restoration is increasing. The new use and reuse of monuments that have been listed because of their architectural, cultural and historic value, plays an important role. Here, special care and planning architects with above average qualifications are decisive, for meeting the needs of the highly-valued continued existent buildings.

Together with the BDA-Landesverband Berlin (Association of German Architects Berlin branch) the Landesdenkmalamt (Berlin Monument Authority) started a series of events on the occasion of the heritage opening day on the 12th of September 2004 that was intended for specialists, the new generation of planners at the universities and interested citizens.

During eight guided tours, renowned architects present successfully realised projects at the location, whose focus lies in the reuse and further use of listed buildings. The guided tours offer an insight into the practical realisation of demanding reuse concepts and show the peculiarities, difficulties and solutions in dealing with the continued existence of these buildings. The climax of the series of events is a public symposium, at which renowned architects, conservationists and architectural critics appear as speakers to discuss the presented projects.

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