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Renaissance TheaterRenaissance Theater

Renaissance Theater

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The Renaissance Theater's central significance lies predominantly in the fact that the highest artistic quality has been preserved together with a complete original design - from the box office area to the galleries, stairwells, lobbies, and the theater auditorium, from the wrought-iron banisters to the lamps, doors, fittings, wall coverings, mirrors, and inlays. Typically characteristic of Kaufmann is the sensitivity he shows for high-quality materials, pigments and finishes, and his obvious preference for an expressionistic variety of forms that within the Renaissance Theater cascade into a genuine luxuriousness of material and design.

An inspection of the paint, commissioned and paid for by the Berlin Office for Historic Buildings and Monuments, found in the spring of 1995 that in both of the upper lobbies, the original setting of those spaces using homogeneously colored, polished plaster in brilliant blue-green and ultramarine blue was completely intact. It could be uncovered as it was without any further work. In the galleries on both floors as well as in the lower lobby area, the existing material was, however, insufficient for complete exposure, but was adequate for restoration based on the findings.

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