Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments

Renaissance TheaterRenaissance Theater

Renaissance Theater

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Historic Building Preservation

Hardenbergstraße 6, formerly Motivhaus (clubhouse);
today Renaissance Theater;

1901-02 by Reimer & Körte;
1919 partial conversion to movie theater by Otto Berlich;
1926-27 partial conversion to theater by Oskar Kaufmann;
1936-38 partial conversion to administrative offices (German Reich Chamber for Literature) by Ernst Bechler

The Renaissance Theater in Charlottenburg arose from the conversion of a previously existing building from 1926-27 according to plans from Berlin architect Oskar Kaufmann who specialized in theater buildings. It was planned with a rich variety of features based on designs by César Klein.

In Berlin, Oskar Kaufmann (1873-1956) was responsible for the construction of the Hebbel Theater, the "Volksbühne" at what is today Rosa Luxemburg Platz, and the Theater and Komödie am Kurfürstendamm, among others. The completion of the Renaissance Theater supplied yet more evidence of his ability: He created the classic example of an intimate theater by skillfully using the inconvenient spaces and structural environment between Hardenbergstraße and Knesebeckstraße.

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