Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments

Luckhardt House
Am Rupenhorn 24, Residential Building,
1929-32 by Hans and Wassili Luckhardt and Alfons Anker, Garden, around 1932 by Berthold Körting

Preservation of the Historic Building Luckhardt House

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The overall condition of this building was improved through intensive preservation and maintenance work. Several improper plaster repairs of 0.5–1 m² were recognizable in the plaster sections, and smaller plaster defects in the area of the balcony connections as well. The entire facade surface had been painted with a thick dispersion paint. This coating, likewise from the 70s, was examined for its fastness and condition down to the undercoat. The results were that the coating still was in good condition over a majority of the area down to the undercoat. Based on this, a decision was reached not to strip the paint. The inspection of the plaster condition demonstrated that large sections of the facade still bore the original plaster. Repairs were carried out with plaster from the standardized mortar category P II a. Before work began on the facade plaster, the workers were advised of the findings and the condition, and the areas to be removed were marked. After the plaster work was finished, the entire facade was washed with water by hand. High-pressure sprayers were not used. After four weeks, another coating of dispersion paint was applied corresponding to the existing paint. However, the thickness of the layers applied was kept significantly thinner than those of the previous applications.

From the specific perspective of preserving historical buildings, this situation was an exemplary, material-conserving measure, which was supported by funding from the German Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments and the Berlin Office for Historic Buildings and Monuments. Through these efforts, two outstanding witnesses to the "international style" of the late 1920s in Berlin were able to be recovered and secured for the long-term.

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